The Job insider

I have had a lot of jobs in my life and I have noticed its has always been a leadership issue when it comes to loss or low production, low numbers, safety, Customer service, etc. Normally caused by no accountability, lack of communication, lack of consistency, no transparency, lack of a spine and unrealistic expectations. Hiring bad leadership from the top all to the team leads. These positions should come with an leadership evaluation test and  real leadership training not just a key and free will. There should be a continuance physic evaluation every 6 months. Only if you want to continue to be successful. If you have a headache why would you put bandages on your feet? You should always go to the source of the problem. Would you like to have a little law suite a big law suite or neither.

It seems simple but I have seen it all across the board from labor to retail and to other  customer services industries. Everyone applies the beat the slaves run them off tactics. All because they have lost or never fully understood how their own business works. Then they hire someone with one clue more than them and that’s all they got. Lets sale the company. That show Undercover Boss is something owner/bosses  could benefit from.

Knowing and understanding what is going on in your own arena. Understand what it takes to make your business run and what is not working. Putting people in charge that have no people skills is always no good. Their in ability to effectively communicate company’s objectives and goals for the period, the inability to resolve  conflict effectively and fairly most of them are those swinging door, high turnover, high turn around. Those high turn over jobs were you can be here today gone tomorrow and they always seem to keep the worst employees and run the good productive ones off. It”s  usually some form of poor management that’s running them out of there. I really don’t understand this practice it seems to be happening everywhere. Its like they’re passive aggressive towards themselves.

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