Vicious Cycle

I am in the process of potty training my three-year-old son.  He got it down pack and everything because I have been working with him.  Since I pee a lot I take him every time I go he go.  That way I know he’s learning firsthand what he needs to do. But when he’s running and playing he forgets and sometimes he pees on himself. Then I get really mad and really try to stress to him why I am so upset that he did not stop running and playing to go and pee. I’m like, “You about to be a big boy. You are going to do better as the day goes on.”  We are watching TV and a commercial comes on talking about, “Do you have an over active bladder? Do you like to keep running and playing and doing the things you use to do? Well try new Depends it’s the adult diaper for men. You don’t have to stop having fun anymore.” And he just looks at me as I consider getting some.

We rush the kids out of them, so we can get our own. Has life made me a player hater?

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