Feeling Captive

It’s like being in the Zoo. It is a seemingly nice environment.  You don’t have to hunt for your food.  You don’t have to worry about any predators.  Everything is done for you. Even if you need a mate, they will bring one to you for you to mate with. With all that something is still wrong. What is it? Oh, it’s not your natural environment. It’s not what you were made for. You were not put here to be placed in a controlled environment. You were designed to strive, create, and expand. But when that is taken from you and you have a constant desire to escape, your captures can’t understand why you are ungrateful for the environment they have created for you.  You have everything but freedom. In some cases, we had a chance to run away prior to being caught but we allowed ourselves to be taken captive.  Now all we have is regret. Then one day it comes out- our wild side or our true nature, “you being you”. Then bam! You do what seems to be lashing out, but it’s not. That is what you do naturally.  Being in the environment that you are in is not what you do. It is not what you were put here for. But they want to put you down because you did what it was natural that you do. You didn’t conform to what they wanted you to be after they were done stripping you of your identity and your natural habitat. No matter what is done for you it’s what you do for yourself that makes life worth living.

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