Crappy Day

I know today it seems bad as if things couldn’t get any worse. But before you go on complaining about how crappy your day is going, just know that there is someone in traffic somewhere in Atlanta,Ga and they have diarrhea and they are no closer to any exit than they were 30 mins ago. Plus all the exits are 10 miles apart without traffic and the one coming up doesn’t have a Gas Station or a Waffle House and the Exit after that has a no return to interstate policy so you don’t dare get off there (Rich fiddle,banjo noise). Think of their pressure their state of mind and body the crap they are going through or about to. Would you want to trade crap with them? Then they have some people in the vehicle with them that they know will never let them live this day down when they crap themselves. And understanding that on this day they will be getting their new nick name (T-Squirt, Wet Lap, Blow Back, Drip set, The free way Sharter, Sharts unknown, Stink-Stink, Crappy Sauce) that they will have to take with them to their death. That is a crappier day. So if yours doesn’t beat that Smile you are ok.